Thursday, November 02, 2006

New female in Columbus?

We are close to getting the FalconCam back up and running. Today a new camera was installed, now we just need to work out some bugs with the lens and focus. While working on the camera, two falcons swooped on us. Both birds were adults. Although we weren’t able to confirm it, we believe the male to be Orville. The female was banded black over green: P/72. We are currently researching the origin of this bird and hope to have the information in an update on the site next week.

Regarding Victory, the pins in her wing were removed late last week and according to the x-ray, the bone has healed. She is now in a flight cage for observation and strengthening. It is still too soon to tell if she’ll be able to be released but we are still hoping for the best. If she is releasable and the new female is still in Columbus, it is likely that Victory will attempt to regain her territory. Even if she is released elsewhere in Ohio or beyond she could find her way back to Columbus. Of course it’s really too soon to wonder about “what if’s.” Let’s just hope that Victory’s recuperation continues on the right track.