Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ledgecam stills back up & German Falconcam

Good news: for now the ledgecam still photos are once again available. However, there are still bugs in the system that could interrupt service. We continue to work on an overall fix.

Other news: I'd like to share a link to a German falcon website with a connection to Columbus:
This site is in German, however it can be translated using another site. Simply copy the web address into the appropriate block at:

Several years ago, because of the influence of an Ohio friend, Hans-Martin Gang, a peregrine falcon enthusiast in Germany watched the Columbus Falconcam with great interest. Having worked many years with cliff-nesting peregrines, Hans-Martin wanted to focus on city-dwelling falcons and install a peregrine nesting box on top of the historic Holy Spirit Church in Heidelberg. Through his Ohio friend he made contact with me, asking for details on the design of our Columbus peregrine nesting box. I was pleased to provide technical advice to assist with his endeavor.

The connection to Columbus continues. After Hans-Martin installed his falcon nest box, it wasn't long until peregrines moved in. The adult female in Heidelberg was named "Aurora" after Columbus' 1st nesting female! Now, several years later, the Holy Spirit Church has successfully raised several broods of peregrines and this year they again have a webcam. Check out their website, including the "Questions & Answers" section where they explain the reason of naming their adult female "Aurora."

Hans-Martin and I have developed a friendship and continue to "compare notes" each year on the success of our nesting falcons!