Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nestbox Camera Problems - Season Wrap Up

The nestbox camera is malfunctioning so we have temporarily discontinued the live streaming video for that view. The refreshed still images will continue for now although at times no image will be available.

Fortunately, the ledge camera is fine, as that is the most important view at this time. The ledge view is most useful to monitor what falcons are on the ledge and to hopefully get leg band information from the new female.

As we wrap up another nesting season and reflect on all that has happened 2010 has to be, by far, the most memorable season since peregrines began nesting at the Rhodes Tower in 1994. But at the end of the day, despite all of the ups and downs, the happy ending is that at this point we consider Spirit to be successfully fledged and well on her way to independence.

We are hoping that the rest of the summer will be uneventful. Given that expectation this is the last regular report for the season. Additional updates will be posted of any notable information pertaining to Spirit, Scout, the new female or any other occurrences in the Columbus area as information becomes available. Camera and nestbox maintenance is also on the agenda for later this summer and I will post updates on those issues as I have details.
Thanks to everyone for your support of the
ODNR, Division of Wildlife's
Columbus Peregrine FalconCam!