Wednesday, April 06, 2011

More on Egg #2 Including Video Links

Here is a YouTube video of Durand laying the 2nd egg yesterday. Fast forward to 2:40 for what appears to be the actual moment. And, here is another version of the event saved by Pascal watching from The Netherlands.

Thanks to all of the fans out there watching and capturing these moments and sharing so everyone can review if they were not able to catch it live.
OK, so some may be wondering why did she lay the second egg in a different location? Actually, she did not lay #2 in a different spot. Both eggs were laid in the same scrape, on the right side of the box as we see it via the camera but the first egg has been moved to the left since it was first laid on Sunday. It is likely before the clutch is complete that she will gather the eggs together into the scrape of choice in which she will incubate. This is a first time nesting attempt for Durand thus she has no actual experience going through this process. However, instinct is very strong and dictates what they do. More times than not things work out the way they should.

I think it will be interesting to see in which part of the nestbox she decides to incubate. Right now she seems to favor that back right corner. If I recall correctly, each year since the late 1990s when we 1st had the camera showing the nestbox no peregrines have ever used that back corner of the box to incubate. One reason may be that in previous years when there has been more than one scrape, prior to the nesting season (usually in late February) I have smoothed out the gravel and made one prominent scrape in the best viewing spot in front of the camera. In the past the nesting falcons have always taken to the scrape I made. This year I did not smooth the gravel as I described. Is this the explanation of why the falcons are using a different spot in the nestbox? Who knows! Regardless it is something interesting to ponder while we wait.