Friday, June 07, 2013

More Info on Fledging

Thanks to everyone sending in comments and the folks downtown checking from the ground and nearby buildings.  In terms of when, Zoom may have gone off the ledge accidentally while flapping/hopping about this morning about 6:25.  In terms of where, she may be still on the Rhodes Tower on the next ledge over to the east from the nest ledge.  I've gotten a couple of reports of a brownish falcon sitting there for at least the past couple of hours.  If she is one ledge over that is great news that 1) she is still high up and 2) she's in familiar territory as each of the ledges on the Rhodes Tower are laid out in a similar fashion.  [If her surroundings are familiar perhaps she will be content to stay put for another day or two.]  The nest is on the south side of the building as shown here:
Many times when they fall off the ledge they actually lose altitude before they are able to right themselves and start flapping.  Usually a young bird in this situation will flutter to the ground or to a lower spot on a nearby building.  If she did happen to go off the ledge accidentally this morning and is still that high on the building, that is certainly encouraging news regarding her ability to flap/fly!

Information flow will slow down dramatically over the weekend, therefore, I don't anticipate another update until Monday unless something extraordinary occurs.  Thanks for every ones help in monitoring, whether you are watching online or on the street!   I certainly appreciate all of the extra eyes out there!

Edit at 4:49 p.m., Zoom is on the nestledge!  And as I write this, in the nestbox picking around in the gravel, now back on the ledge, vocalizing.  She is keeping us guessing!!!