Friday, May 30, 2014

Nestling Report - 5th Week

Everything at the nest continues to progress well.  All three chicks have now made it to the upper ledge.  They've gotten quite coordinated in their walking and jumping abilities and their juvenile brown feathers are coming in more and more each day.
This morning, two took advantage of the sun to bask on the ledge:
It catches some folks off guard to see a bird of prey lying down.  But actually, peregrines are quite known for it!  As time goes by we'll likely see a better example of the chicks relaxing on the ledge but for now I've indicated in the photo above 2 of the 3 chicks lying flat (red arrows).  The yellow circled "blob" closer to the camera is actually part of a bird - leftover prey.
Fledging--the first flight--usually occurs around day 40 so we have almost another week before the oldest bird may fly.  We'll post next week on what to expect at fledging.  Between now and then expect more of the fluffy white down feathers to be replaced with the sleek brown feathers and a lot of flapping and exercising of the wings.