Tuesday, June 09, 2015

NewsFlash! (News on Flash)

Shortly after my post yesterday things started to happen (isn't that always the way?).  Bolt was seen at the nest ledge again!  And, Flash (37/Z) was spotted on a lower ledge of the Rhodes Tower. 

She was still on the ledge this morning, so due to the low-to-the-ground location and concern from some observers that Flash might be injured I went on-site to assess.  I was able to get a good look at her and it does appear she has a sore foot, although I don't believe it is anything life-threatening.  When I saw her she was wet, having just taken a bath in a puddle on the ledge:
Even though she is lower to the ground then we would prefer, she has many opportunities for short flights to various buildings of various heights to get back to a higher altitude.  Her current location does not allow for us to retrieve her safely-were we to attempt capture, she would likely bail off the ledge right into harms way.  So for now we will wait and watch and be hopeful that she will take a few days to rest up.  The adults should still bring her food at this location but maybe not during the peak of lunch or rush hour due to so many people around.  Folks nearby can expect her to screech from time to time-that is normal and how the adults will know where she is. In fact, when I was downtown one of the adults was perched on the Huntington Building keeping an eye on her. 
No reports of Storm (46/Z) yet but when we do, we'll post it.  As always, we appreciate all of the extra eyes downtown helping keep watch over the peregrines!