Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Fledgling Update #2

Thanks to Mike Horn's photograph, we have confirmation of one of the juveniles on the LeVeque Tower earlier today:
Wing droop as this bird is doing is normal from heat and/or physical exertion from flying for the first time and/or stress from a rough flight--or all of the above.

So far no word on the other two today.  An adult has checked back in at the ledge a couple of times today, at least once bringing food in case any juveniles were there. Other than that, the ledge has been super quiet today.

The fourth bird is still being evaluated in rehab.  It appears okay but x-rays were taken to be sure.  Part of the film was unreadable, so the bird is to be given a test flight in an enclosure.  Hopefully, it will do well but if not, more x-rays.  It is my hope that it will do fine and can be returned to the nest ledge tomorrow.  More info as it becomes available...!