Friday, March 31, 2017

Ledgecam Note + Will We See Another Egg?

As of Friday morning 3/31/17 the live streaming from the ledgecam is down.  Initial troubleshooting has not resolved the problem so regrettably, it will probably be down until next week.  At least we do have the nestcam stream!

Otherwise, all is going well at the nest!  The 3 eggs are being incubated by both the male and Durand.  "Will we see another egg?" is what many are wondering!  Four is the usual number of eggs that make up a full clutch so it is likely another egg will be laid sometime this weekend.  Now that the adults are incubating it may be a little tricky to determine when the next egg is laid unless it is done so during daylight viewing.  It is very possible that we may have to wait until the birds change places on the nest to discover that there is a 4th egg.  Or, they may stop at 3! Time will tell.

Now that they are in incubation mode, the main role of the male is to bring food for the female.  He will also take his turn on the eggs while she is away eating.  I'll repeat from the other day in case it was missed that it is really difficult to tell the male and Durand apart!  I am working on some comparison photos and will post some tips soon.  In the meantime, the easiest way to tell one from the other is to look for their metal leg bands as they come and go.  The male does not have a band on his right leg.  He only has a leg band on his left leg - it is a black over red band with the code 30/Z on it.  Durand has a band on each leg - her right leg has a silver USFWS band and her left leg has an all black band with the code 32/X on it.