Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3 Weeks - See How We Grow!

This week marks the 3rd week for the chicks and wow, how they grow! They are standing up, walking and even venturing outside of the nest box.  This morning I noticed at least one chick has brown juvenile tail feathers coming in!
It is amazing that more feces has not hit the front of the nestbox cam.  The picture above shows only a small milky film across the bottom third of the view.  Usually by now the front of the cam has been hit several times and it is almost impossible to see.  We'll take a clear view as long as we can! 
Here are a couple of nice pics from the past few days.  First, a photo to document the group at about 3 weeks old:
In this picture it looks like they are comparing feet!  Sometimes, one or more nestlings may have bluish feet but not this year (but even when a chick has bluish feet, the feet are still yellow as an adult).   Interestingly, this year's chicks all have yellow feet. 
Finally, here's a candid!  The bluish bulge on the chick's throat is bare skin, stretched because of a full crop.  All the chicks continue to eat well!