Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Velocity Update & Photos

Part of Velocity's training with the falconer involves a quail being suspended in mid-air. Velocity, attached to a creance (think of it as a type of leash so she doesn’t escape) is released and allowed to fly at the quail. (This is the scene in the bottom photo.) At first the prey is put low and close to her but as the training progresses the quail will be put higher and further away to simulate as close to a natural prey situation as is possible. For those of you who are able to watch the Wild Ohio video program, her story will air on an upcoming episode later this winter. These pictures were saved off of video filmed for the segment.

Unfortunately, the latest report is that she has broken more feathers. Further training will be limited so as to not damage new feathers coming in. Some feathers may not come in until her normal molt next summer which will prolong the time she has to remain in captivity.