Thursday, February 08, 2007

Frozen falcons?!

Temps in Columbus have been frigid! But that hasn't stopped the peregrine activity! Since the last update 2 birds have been seen on numerous occasions. Orville has been confirmed a number of times by showing his leg band with the 12/P code (see photo). The other bird is presumed to be Scout, but she has been staying at the far end of the ledge so we don't know that for sure without a leg band reading.

Even though high temps have barely been breaking single digits, on a clear, sunny day the nest ledge will be much, much warmer because of the southern exposure. Not a bad place for a peregrine to spend an afternoon!

Remember the Canadian female Y/5? (If not, check out the January and February reports from 2003, 2004 and finally the 1/20/05 update in our chronological nest reports at: Find out in the next update how she may be helping Victory!