Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cam & Live Streaming Video Update

As you can see, we have re-activated the nest box cam. Even though the picture is small, you may have noticed the nest box still has last year's dirt on the walls. I have yet to paint the inside of the box and hope to have that task finished later this week. There are 2 scrapes in the gravel (a scrape is where the eggs will be laid--it is a shallow depression in the gravel that the falcons make by lying down and pushing out with a foot). The birds have been seen going in and out of the box-probably working on the scrape. Now that the inset is turned on we'll have a better view of what they are doing when they go inside.

We are working very hard to have the LIVE STREAMING VIDEO WITH AUDIO available for the coming nesting season. There is also another surprise improvement we hope to unveil very soon. You might have noticed changes already in that the time stamp on the still image has changed and images now update every 15 seconds instead of 30. Here's a picture of Keith Tatum (of i5 Consulting, the firm we hired to improve our website) and Skip Trask (Div. of Wildlife videographer, kneeling) working behind the scenes at the Rhodes Tower on some of the equipment needed to bring you the best FalconCam in existence!!