Friday, April 27, 2007

Update on Victory

Victory is doing well. A few weeks ago she was transferred to a falconer who is volunteering his time to work with her. Because of the loss of so many feathers, she will need to be held until after her next molt which will be this spring/summer. Additional feathers were imped but not with the purpose of helping her fly. Rather, the second round of imped feathers are intended to help support the new feathers as they grow back in. It is imperative that the new feathers not be damaged which would be a major setback.

She is adjusting well to her new surroundings. The main task now is to wait until her newly molted feathers are fully in, then she will be exercised and conditioned to get her into shape for release back into the wild. If all goes well and as expected we would hope for a release in late summer or fall.

Scout and Orville continue to take shifts on the eggs and all seems well. The live, streaming video has been very successful except for a few hiccups that we continue to work on. Hatch is expected on or about May 3rd. I'm sure many people will be glued to the site watching for the first indication of hatch. Early next week I'll post more about what to watch for.