Monday, March 26, 2007

VIDEO of Scout laying the 1st egg!!!

One of our web consultants (Keith Tatum of i5 Consulting) was able to capture a video clip of Scout when she laid her first egg Saturday evening! Call it luck that he logged on a little after 7 Saturday night (what dedication-do we need to pay him overtime?!)

Keith asked me to explain a few things about the video. First, he apologizes for the screen artifacts (cursor, sound icon) that come and go in the video. In his haste to capture and label the video he named it Scout_Hatches_1st.WMV. He realizes she is "laying" not hatching an egg. :-)
The image was captured using iShowU for the Mac. He converted it to the Windows Media Format because it's one that Google accepts. Google was used because it was quick and free to post and they can handle all the traffic in the World.
Watch the 9 minute video clip of Scout laying her first egg.