Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When can we expect eggs?

For now the falconcams (still photos and live streaming) are operational again! We are still working on some system tweaks so hopefully future outages--if they occur--will be kept to a minimum.

Peregrine season will be under way any day in Ohio. I haven't heard an official report yet for this year (statewide updates should start on the Division of Wildlife's website soon), but looking back at last year the first egg for the season was laid at the Cleves site on 3/7/07. Scout produced her first egg on 3/24/07. Generally, as the female matures, eggs can be produced a little earlier in subsequent years. So, I wouldn't be surprised if Scout starts a few days sooner this year. Here's a picture saved from the major snow storm that hit Columbus over the weekend. The camera is about 6 inches above the ledge. At one point the entire view was obscured by snow. But as you can see from checking the cams this week, the southern exposure of the ledge made quick work of the snow!