Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy day for Boomer & update on Justice

Since her return this morning, Justice seems content to stay on the nest ledge. I'm happy to see her take time to regroup before she tries flight again. There are observation windows on the 40th floor of the Rhodes Tower that allow a great view of north, east and south so after putting Justice back out our intern, Matt, and I scanned the downtown building roofs and saw 2 fledglings and both adults. Here's Matt with Justice right before she was put back "home." (Pretty exciting for a summer job, huh?!)

Around lunchtime I got a report of a falcon that had crashed into a window of the Riffe Tower (southwest of the Rhodes Tower) and was on a narrow ledge on the 26th floor. Thanks to Dena Harris who saw him and let Joe Vaughn know. Joe took some pictures and notified us. He was able to provide me with the band number which confirmed the bird was Boomer. There was some concern because the bird was lying in the sun, but if you recall, I've mentioned in previous updates that it is not uncommon for them to lay down. (Ironically, after talking to Joe about Boomer, I checked the ledgecam and Justice was lying down on the nest ledge at that same moment!) Not to minimize Boomer's traumatic landing, he does look somewhat stressed in the photo and likely was dazed and in need of a rest. The most recent information from the Ohio Department of Development is that Boomer is up and moving around from corner to corner of the ledge. Hopefully, he can rebound and leave on his own accord, as I'm not sure there would be any way to get to the ledge to get to him if this was to work out differently. We'll hope for the best!