Monday, June 16, 2008

Can we move the cameras...? a word, "No!" I've gotten a few emails from folks requesting that we move the cameras to capture more areas of the ledge. We can't do that for a couple of reasons. The cameras would have to be moved manually so the main reason is we absolutely cannot access the ledge at this point without risking the young birds bailing off of the ledge prematurely. Unless there would be an extreme emergency we generally do not go out on the ledge at any time after banding in order to prevent a "forced fledge."

Secondly, the nestbox camera lens is for short focus lengths anyway, so turning the nestbox cam wouldn't really show anything more. So, we're sticking with the current system. There are obvious limitations as the birds have a few places they can be out of view of the cams, but overall we think we're providing a pretty good opportunity for viewers to see and hear part of these birds' lives they otherwise wouldn't.

Fledging generally occurs around the age of 40 days. I'll post more later this week-detail on what to expect during fledging and hopefully, a photo of them at 5 weeks of age.