Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Orville taking a rest

While Scout's been busy keeping the chicks warm with the unusually cool weather we've been having in Columbus, Orville's been supplying food for the nestlings. Even though there are 4, at this young age they don't eat much so there's still some down time. Orville was taking advantage of a nice sunny day by loafing on the ledge in front of the camera! It is quite normal for peregrines to lie down like this. In past years it has happened that after the young fledged one usually ends up on another downtown window ledge lying down just like this. I've had frantic callers watching out their window thinking the bird must certainly be hurt because it was lying down. Not necessarily!!!

The chicks are one week old this week! One thing I'd like folks to notice, too, is how clean the nest box has been. I'll do a comparison later in the nestling phase that will show a dramatic different picture! But for now, the walls and the camera lens are nice and clean!