Friday, May 22, 2009

Where are the chicks?!

The chicks are really becoming more mobile and are now all venturing out of the nestbox. I believe today is the first time that I've seen the nestbox completely empty. The bad news about this is it won't be as easy to see them but the good news is, that they are less likely to "whitewash" the front of the camera - so, our chances of having a clear view of the nestbox are greater.

They should come back to the nestbox to sleep, if there is bad weather and perhaps for meals. Eventually though, the adults will bring food to they where ever they happen to be on the ledge.

Again, there is no danger in the near future of them falling off of the building as they will not be able to make it up to the higher part of the ledge that leads to the edge. Here's a shot of one of the chicks outside and almost around to the back of the nestbox:
Got a good question the other day - someone asked how the chicks get water. At this stage in their lives all the water they need comes from the prey they are fed. As adults they can and will occasionally drink from a stream or puddle, but in general birds of prey obtain the water they need from what they eat.