Monday, May 04, 2009

Not much to do but eat and sleep...

Things continue to progress normally in the nest. With a nice, seasonable day in Columbus (60's) the chicks are able to be left unattended and Scout can have a break from brooding. Not much for the nestlings to do at this stage except sleep, eat, sleep some more, eat again and oh, yes, did I mention sleep? Here's a quick shot from this afternoon of one of the chicks yawning:I also captured a video clip of a feeding this morning:
It's amazing how fast they grow. They aren't even a week old yet and their size has dramatically increased!

Names are currently being submitted through a contest at a local school. Late this week a committee will narrow the list of names submitted down to a smaller group that will appear as a webpoll on our website - so, all the falconcam fans out there will be able to vote on their choice of the names for this year's Columbus falcon chicks. The kids who submit the names that ultimately win will be invited to the banding, date to be announced.

At this time we hope to be able to live stream the banding, as we did in 2008. However, as everyone is well aware, technology has not been our friend this year! We continue to have problems with the ledgecam sound cutting in and out as well as the limitation with the nestbox refresed still photos. We are looking ahead and will certainly make it happen if at all possible!