Monday, June 01, 2009

Some things they do...

The nestbox cam was hit with feces sometime over the weekend so that view is somewhat hazy again. (I was hoping we'd make it the rest of the season with no direct hits but it didn't work out that way.) This is week five and you can see that the fluffy down is mostly replaced by brown juvenile feathers:

Now that the young are up on the ledge and in front of the camera it gives me a good opportunity to talk about some various behaviors to expect. Firstly, peregrines are notorious for lying down. You might not think that a bird of prey would sprawl flat out on its belly but peregrines do! Sometimes it might look like the bird is ill or even dead, but it is completely normal for them to lay down. Some examples:Another thing they like to do is to sit/rest holding one foot up. It doesn't mean their leg band is too tight and it doesn't mean they have a hurt foot. Basically it just means they are at rest. It might look odd to us (much like a flamingo standing on one leg looks odd) but it is just something they normally do.

Later this week I'll talk about when to expect the first flights!