Thursday, January 14, 2010

"New" Cams!

This morning we switched out cameras...not really to new cameras but different cameras. Actually, we dug out cameras from storage, blew off the dust, replaced a couple of missing parts and re-installed these "old" cameras. So, you may notice a slightly different view from last season, but if you compare back to 2008 you'll see the very same camera angle and views. The best part about going back to the old cameras is that we will not have the strobing/flashing/blinking effect that was so bothersome with the IP cameras.

We did not see Scout any of the time we were working on the ledge. It would have been nice for Jason and Doug (the installers) to have the experience of seeing a peregrine up close, but then again, it is much easier to work up there without the distraction.

Meanwhile, one floor below the nest, Michael Limes of i5 Consulting and Lindsay Deering, webmaster with the Division of Wildlife, were hard at work on the computer/software end of the project. Good news, the still images of the nestbox view are working again as are the floating windows!