Monday, May 24, 2010

Final Count: Two Chicks - Two Unhatched Eggs

The chicks aren't even a week old and they have already more than doubled in size. It is amazing how fast they grow! The nestbox is starting to get a little messy with feces. Soon, they will be pooping on the front of the camera housing and it may block our view. However, if the chicks stay towards the east end of the nestbox where they have been lately then perhaps the camera will stay cleaner longer!

There was concern yesterday that one of the chicks was "caught" at the rear of the box. Despite whatever was going on--if anything--all seems fine now.
If any of the remaining eggs were going to hatch, they would have by now. Scout may continue to brood them along with the chicks but as time goes on and the chicks continue to grow, the unhatched eggs will eventually be moved aside. It is possible the adults may even remove them from the nest.