Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Forgotten Egg...?!

More and more we are noticing that Scout seems to be "forgetting" about the egg that lacks pigment. Oftentimes it has been left out at her side and not incubated while the other eggs are warm beneath her. This afternoon it is even cast off to the side away from the others. We can't say for certain what is going on, but I suspect that because the pigment it did have seems to have faded, it could indicate a “dead” egg. If the egg is infertile or the embryo has died then it isn’t developing as the others and so it would be a different weight/mass then the other eggs. This would make it not “roll” the same as the other eggs. The adults would be able to pick up on this difference when they are moving the eggs and settling down on them. It will be very interesting to see if it hatches but if it continues to be left out and off to the side it doesn't look promising. At least we can assume that the other 3 eggs are doing well!