Friday, November 12, 2010

Packard Takes Flight!

Who in the world is Packard you ask?! Packard is a fictional peregrine falcon that hatched at the Rhodes State Office Tower - he is the main character in the new children's book by Susan Sachs Levine: Packard Takes Flight. One day, Packard accidently fledges with a gust of wind and winds up visiting many sites around our Capitol City before he finds his way back to the nest on the 41st floor of the Rhodes Tower.

I had the pleasure of providing technical advice for this book! Susan first contacted me about two years ago with lots of questions about peregrines and about the falcon nest in downtown Columbus. As work on her book progressed she kept in touch seeking additional information and updates on the peregrines. Congrats to Susan on a delightful story that highlights many of the treasures found throughout the downtown Columbus area, one of which are the peregrine falcons! For more information goto: