Saturday, April 16, 2011

Incubation Update

Good news! Durand seems to be figuring out the proper incubation technique! Friday and today (Saturday) more times than not, she was down tight on the eggs as she should be. However, it wasn't unusual for one egg to be uncovered, but then again--5 eggs is a lot to set on! The male, however, has not yet figured out his role as far as incubation duty is concerned. Things looked promising on Friday, as he spent some time in the nestbox. Here is a video of his halfhearted attempt at covering the eggs. It is apparent that his instincts are influencing his behavior but exactly what to do just hasn't kicked in for him yet.

We've always enjoyed how the Columbus FalconCam gives us a unique window into the lives of these birds. But over time, it has been easy to have somewhat taken the opportunity for granted by witnessing more typical nesting behaviors. In a way, this year it is even more exceptional as we have the chance to see how these young birds are learning as they go. What will the coming days bring? Who knows?! But what a show it is bound to be!