Friday, April 06, 2012

Maybe 3 Eggs Will Be It

Well, it is looking more and more like Durand's 2012 clutch will be 3 eggs. Of course, it is still possible for her to lay a 4th egg so nothing is for certain until more time passes. In the meantime, true incubation is believed to have started on April 3rd. Eggs hatch in about 33 days so that would put hatch around May 6.

So what's next? Basically, watching both Durand and the male take turns incubating the eggs for the next 4+ weeks. And, when we have a very warm, sunny day, watching them shade the eggs! In the near future I hope to post pictures of each of them incubating to help viewers be able to tell which is which. Durand will handle the incubation duty the majority of the time while the male will bring her food and set on the eggs while she leaves to feed and otherwise take a break.