Friday, March 09, 2012

Decoy Scrape, Progress on Live Streaming

A quick visit to the ledge this morning yielded great views of both Durand and the unbanded, adult male. Both birds were present and defensive of "their" nestbox allowing District One's new Wildlife Communications Specialist Karen Norris to take these photos. Durand, in particular, was very cooperative spending part of the time flying by and part of the time perched on the ledge. While it is impossible to know for sure, I believe the male this year to probably be the same as was here last year. Hopefully since both adults have another year of maturity, instincts will kick in strong and we will have a successful nest.

One of the objectives for the trip today was to smooth out the gravel in the nestbox. I then made a prominent "decoy" scrape in an attempt to lure Durand to lay eggs in a good location for viewing. We'll see if she takes the hint!
We are making progress on the camera views. Refreshed still images and streaming video is now working for the ledge camera! However, a new problem has caused a temporary discontinuation of the nestbox views. We do hope to have all views up and running early next week.

Elsewhere in Ohio, peregrines have begun egg laying. Peregrine nesting season is underway!