Friday, May 11, 2012

Male ID, Status of the Eggs

We still have not gotten a good look at the leg bands of the new male.  Keep in mind Durand's color band on her left leg is all black with the code 32 X.  She also has a silver band on the right leg.  The new male has a purple band on the right leg and the color band on the left leg is black on top, red on the bottom.  This is the band we hope to read.

The two continue to interact...this morning Durand was in the nestbox vocalizing while the male sat on the ledge, moved to the nestbox camera housing then the roof of the nestbox.  Hopefully, he will continue to come to the ledge and eventually get close enough to one of the cameras that we can read the code on his leg band.

Even though at this point it is safe to say the eggs probably won't hatch, nonetheless, Durand continues to sometimes incubate, sometimes shade and at times the eggs are left completely alone.  This is a normal process as her body reacts to the change in the nesting cycle:  from incubation to unhatched eggs.  She might appear confused until her body catches up with the current status of the nest.  But as the days go on she will adjust and go into the summer maintenance mode of just being a falcon:  eat, sleep, fly, molt, interact with the male, etc.

I have also been asked if she might lay more eggs with the new male.  Well, anything is possible but I would have to say that isn't probable this late in the nesting season.  Time will tell for sure!