Friday, March 15, 2013

Bonding Behavior

Both Durand and Spark continue to have a regular presence at the ledge and in the nestbox.  Here is a photo of a food offering from this morning.
As is typical, the head has been removed and the prey mostly plucked so it isn't possible to positively identify the bird species.  However, when Spark first brought the prey into the nestbox I could see that the feet were black.  So my initial guess would be either a red-winged blackbird or cowbird.  Offering food in this manner, as well as scraping in the gravel of the nestbox, are ways the falcons confirm and strengthen their bond not just between the pair but also to the nesting site.
Meanwhile, if you haven't noticed yet, the audio is working again with the streaming video! There is still trouble shooting to be done as the ledge sound is very faint.  But, it is great to have sound back!