Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bonding Behavior

The past several days have seen frequent ledge and nestbox visits by both the male and female.  Many times Spark and Durand have been observed making a scrape in the gravel (Spark in the photo above).  This behavior is one way the falcons bond to the site to claim it as their territory as well as bond with each other.  It doesn't necessarily mean that they may attempt to nest yet this year, it simply is a way for them to reinforce their intent that this is their chosen site.  Of course it is always possible we could see another clutch of eggs this season but not probable.   

The Ohio Division of Wildlife does not have a permit from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to remove the eggs from the nest in order to determine why they did not hatch.  Therefore, the eggs will remain in the nestbox.  If they are still present later this summer when annual maintenance is scheduled they will be removed at that time.