Friday, April 26, 2013

No Sign of Hatching...yet

According to the calendar we should be getting close to hatching.  So far though, no signs.  I will continue to monitor the site closely today and through the weekend and will provide updates over the weekend if/when something occurs.

What we would expect is the incubating adult to become more restless on the eggs.  As the chicks inside begin to peck their way out they sometimes will also chirp.  The adults can feel the movement and hear the vocalizations.  So, while for the past several weeks the incubating adult has stayed relatively still and tight on the eggs, as hatching becomes imminent we should see the adult more restless including getting up and standing over the eggs and looking down at the eggs more.  At this late stage in development, the eggs can also be completely uncovered for longer periods of time without detrimental effects.

After infertile eggs the past 2 seasons we are all hoping for a hatch this year!  But as anything can (or not) happen, as the old saying implies, we definitely shouldn't count our falcons before they're hatched!