Monday, May 06, 2013

One Week Old

What a difference a week makes!  The chick is growing so fast!  After only a week you can see it has almost tripled in size!  Today I observed it sitting up and starting to preen itself already!  As it continues to grow it will need to be brooded less and less.  However, Durand is still concerned with keeping the eggs covered, so this chick might get brooded longer than usual--at least until it becomes more mobile and strays away from the eggs.

I had a couple of questions on the history of Durand and Spark so I have linked back to my original posts about them.  Durand first arrived in Columbus in July of 2010.   Spark showed up almost exactly a year ago (May 7th to be precise) and interestingly, has genetic ties to the Columbus nest!  Bird Cams Around the World has a detailed page of history of the Columbus nest site as well.  Enjoy!!