Saturday, June 08, 2013

On The Wing....Again!!

As reported yesterday, Zoom took her first flight 6/7/13.  Whether the first flight resulted in her landing on the next ledge over on the Rhodes Tower or she made her way back there at some point during the day, we don't know.  But by the end of the day she was back at the nest ledge!  For those who have been watching this site over the years you know that the nature of the Rhodes Tower being so tall and without many other places to perch and all the nearby buildings being so much lower, it rarely (if ever??) happens that when a falcon fledges it comes back to the nest ledge so quickly.  For whatever reason, it happened this time either by luck or circumstance but we (and I know a bunch of fans) were glad to get another look at her and see her doing well.  Here she is with Durand in the nestbox last evening:
Then, as they do, she took flight again this morning about 6:25!  This time we have documentation of a calculated liftoff!  This is what we like to see!  This is a good, strong departure and shows determination in this bird.  Now, this doesn't guarantee she won't get into trouble--remember what I've written about how a fledgling has to learn how to properly use the tools they have to steer and maneuver and especially land.  And then hone their skills and learn to hunt successfully.  But I will say so far so good!!  Good Luck Zoom!!!!!