Monday, March 24, 2014

And Then There Were...THREE!

This morning about 10 a.m. Durand laid egg number 3!!!  Unlike the first two eggs that were laid during the night, this one appeared in "almost" full view.  I say "almost" because Durand unfortunately had her back to the camera in this video of the third egg so you have to pay close attention to figure out what is happening. 
Karen is out of the office today and I was in a meeting so I missed it--thank you very much to the many calls and emails to let me know and to the dedicated viewers recording and saving photos!

The normal size clutch is 4 eggs.  Even though another egg will likely be laid in a couple of days, the adults should begin to incubate at this point in time.  Durand will handle the majority of the incubation duty, while Spark will bring her food and take his turn covering the eggs while she takes a break to eat.  Incubation generally takes about  33 sit back and get comfortable.  Hatch will be expected the 4th week of April.