Friday, July 26, 2013

Mid-Summer News

This past week we have received reports on the whereabouts of 2 falcons from previous Columbus nesting seasons.
  • Zeus (b/g B/03; 2006 nesting season) has been spotted in Lorain, Ohio. It's reported that he has been making frequent visits on the coastguard tower.
  • On a sad note, we have received a report from Sandusky, Ohio that Jet (b/r H66), a falcon from the 2009 nesting season was taken to a rehab facility this week. Unfortunately the bird's injuries were too extensive and it had to be euthanized.
One of purposes of bird banding is to track migrations. The two observations above are classic examples of how bird banding provides critical information on the movements of peregrines. Even in the unfortunate case of Jet, we also know--with the help of the leg bands--how old she lived to be.

Back in Columbus, activity at the nest ledge has been very infrequent. There have been few sightings of the adults and none of Zoom. We assume her to be doing well and it is possible that she may have even migrated out of the area.

On a different note, all 3 of the unhatched eggs have now cracked open.  As the summer has progressed, the contents have been decomposing which causes gas pressure to build up inside of the eggs.  At the same time, the shells have been degrading.  The result is an egg will pop open when conditions are just right.  The instant the first egg exploded (July 10th) was actually captured on video by a faithful falcon cam viewer.   A raindrop during a heavy thunderstorm must of hit the egg just right causing it to POP!