Monday, June 02, 2014


So far today there has has been no sign of the 3rd has likely fledged!
We did receive a call this morning from a falcon cam viewer stating that she thought she saw one of the birds leave that ledge about 7:03 am. Thank you very much for the update.
There have been a couple of feedings on the ledge with only 2 birds being present.  Usually all the birds flock together when food arrives.

The weather in Columbus today is damp and overcast- not good flying conditions, especially for a newbie. It would be safe to assume that wherever the bird ended up it will probably stay put for a while not only from the shock of now being somewhere different but also due to the inexperience and the poor conditions for flight. As is typical in any fledge situation, the bird will get hungry and beg for food. The adults will be able to find her and continue to provide her with food. Anyone downtown interested in watching should listen for the begging calls and watch for where the adults are flying to.

If anyone has any saved video or still images or eyewitness accounts, feel free to email them to or via the ODNR contact page and they will be forwarded to us.  Perhaps someone out there saw something that will help us fill in the blanks.