Friday, May 08, 2015

Falcon News

Since all is well with the nest and there's not much to do other than watch the chicks eat and sleep (and wander around) I thought I'd take the opportunity to give a quick update on some other falcon happenings. Before I do that though, here are links to past blogs to help put some viewer's minds at ease in terms of:
why the chicks aren't in view (where are they?)
And, check out the second half of this post from last year that discusses feeding and are they getting enough to eat?
Finally, the nestlings are vocalizing a lot whether or not they are getting fed.  This is a normal part of peregrine communications and doesn't necessarily mean they are hungry, upset, hot, or whatever.  Like they are and will exercise their wings, stretch their necks, legs and toes, they also are exercising their vocal abilities!

Other Falcon News:
Readers may recall an injured peregrine from Pennsylvania was found in downtown Columbus last September. (See the paragraph about the "mystery" peregrine here.)  I'm happy to report after being in rehab at both the Ohio Wildlife Center and the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, this bird was released back to the wild earlier this week!  Thanks to both organizations for their part in this bird's second chance.
"Eclipse" a fledgling from the 2009 Columbus hatch, has been nesting at a power plant in Oak Creek, WI for the past several years.  There was concern recently she may have been displaced by another female, however, the last report I received was she has reappeared and the eggs in the nest are still being incubated.

Finally, "Aerial" another 2009 Columbus fledgling is currently raising 3 chicks at her nest in Bowling Green!  Just a couple of examples of "our" Columbus peregrines surviving and out there doing their part to continue the population.
Aerial in Bowling Green
Don't forget the webpoll is up until Monday at noon for viewers to choose the names for this year's Columbus Falcon Chicks!  If you haven't voted, please do so!