Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Mobility Milestone & Vote to Name The Chicks!

Everything is progressing nicely with the 3 chicks.  The adults are readily providing ample amounts of food and the chicks are eating and sleeping, sleeping some more, chirping now and then and yet sleeping some more--all important parts of their development.  Between naps and meals they have even started walking around more.  Today two ventured out of the view of the camera.  Here is a link to a post back in 2013 that explains the layout of the ledge and where the chicks are when out of view of the camera.  While we sit back and watch them grow it's time to play the name game!

Each year we select a local school to host the naming contest and this year it is Gahanna's Royal Manor Elementary School. Students submitted their choice of names and a panel of wildlife partners and representatives from the local media narrowed the entries down to the following finalists:
Mars, Neptune, Saturn*

*New this year, the panel chose a theme of these 3 names to serve as a finalist.  Public vote will decide the winners on a webpoll.  Vote for the name(s) of your choice (the top 3 names with the most votes will win) OR, if the theme of 3 names gets the highest number of votes, those 3 names will be the winners.
Click here to VOTE!
Voting will continue until 12 noon on Monday May 11th.