Tuesday, April 14, 2015

While we wait... some updates.

As I sit and watch these birds incubating the theme from the game show Jeopardy is playing in my head. You know the one they play while the audience is waiting for a contestant to answer a question.

An update on Blaze...
As most of you remember, one of the falcons from last nesting season suffered an injury and was not able to be released back into the wild. If you don't remember or are new with the blog and would like to learn the background on Blaze please visit the blog entry from December 5, 2014.
We recently heard from the Ohio Bird Sanctuary that Blaze did her first school programs last week and was a big hit with both students and teachers! The program evolves around the natural history of peregrines, human effects on their population and the restoration projects in Ohio. Great job Blaze!

Something interesting today....
There were some unsuspecting visitors to the ledge today. The below picture was captured at about 9:45 this morning of some pigeons that were rambling down the ledge towards the nestbox. The incubating bird (Spark) took notice but remained on the eggs during the unexpected visit.