Monday, June 15, 2015

Storm & Bolt Return!

Special guest blog by intern Ella Weaver:
Just as we write that regular updates will taper off, we have had an action packed weekend on the 41st floor ledge.  Since the last update, Bolt and Storm were both spotted returning to familiar territory!
On Friday afternoon, despite the rain, some delight (and a sigh of relief perhaps) is shared among the falcon project supporters as Storm is spotted returning to the nest ledge for the first time since leaving the safety of the ledge almost a week earlier. Even more bliss from fans occurs when images are captured of both juveniles reunited again.  
The juveniles are beginning to become familiarized with traveling to new locations and their ability to fly.  They may, however, continue to return to this recognizable location until they are altogether comfortable with hunting and flying on their own. Both adult peregrines also ventured back and forth to the nest and ledge this weekend, perhaps checking in on the fledglings and their new found freedom.  On Sunday night we catch a special glimpse of Storm and the adult female (Durand) sharing a meal
Even early today both adult falcons are spotted occupying the ledge for their morning meal. Overall, it appears that both juveniles are adjusting to their new lives of flight properly and are well on their way to becoming fully functioning adult peregrines.
No evaluation on Flash yet - we will post when info is available!