Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Incubation Going Well

The "good" news is incubation is going very, very well.  The "bad" news is still no word on when the ledgecam view will be restored.  But, at least during incubation we do have the nestbox view and can confirm all is well.  Both Durand and Spark have been doing an EXCELLENT job of keeping the eggs covered.  I took advantage of a brief absence as they were switching duties this morning to capture a nice picture of the four eggs:
Getting back to the ledgecam troubles for inquiring minds - the camera is not the issue--the ledge camera is actually working properly.  The snag is that recent network security changes have resulted in the server not recognizing the computer that streams the ledge view.  Network security is a very serious and important issue and not one that can be bypassed.  There are several agencies that cooperate to bring the finished product of the live streaming video of the falcon nest to our website so much of the "fix" is out of our control. We continue to be hopeful that the issues can be resolved sooner than later.  In the meantime, we get used to seeing our view of the falcons at the nest but how many of us have thought about what downtown looks like to the peregrines?  Here's a view of the Statehouse from the ledge to give you an idea of what the falcons see from the edge of their ledge: