Monday, March 14, 2016

Server Issues - Cams Still Down

Unfortunately, I don't have anything new to report...the cams remain down due to server issues.  IT folks are working on it but I do not have any estimate of when it may be resolved.  Of course we hope soon!

I know a lot of fans are very anxious (and we are, too) to see what is going on in the nest, especially in the off chance that Durand begins laying her eggs earlier than "her usual" date of Mar 19.  Several other sites have reported early egg laying this year so it is certainly possible.  If there are eggs by the time the cams are restored, the worst that will happen is we may not know exactly what date the eggs were laid.

If it looks like the cams will continue to be down for an extended period of time I will make a site visit to check on eggs either late this week or early next and report the details here!