Thursday, June 02, 2016

Juvie Returned to the Ledge

The fledgling that was grounded on Tuesday checked out OK so this morning we put it back out on the nest ledge.  Thanks very much to the staff at the Ohio Wildlife Center for the medical assessment. Since there were no other juveniles on the ledge I took the opportunity to first quickly clean off the nest box camera lens. Durand and Spark were not happy I was at the nest but it only took a moment.

Thanks to Madyson Epperson this year's intern who assisted with the return of the juvie to the ledge!
All went just as it should have - the juvie stayed on the ledge and both adults know it is there. Here's a video from shortly after the return.  It has already been seen picking at leftovers and the adults should bring additional food.  As a backup, we left a starling snack courtesy of OWC for extra measure. Hopefully, this bird will stay put and do some more exercising at least for most of today before attempting flight again.
We also took a look downtown and located a juvenile on the east side of the LeVeque Tower.  At that time, both adults were perched above it also on the LeVeque and the juvie was doing some short jump flights trying to get closer to where the adults were perched.  All looked well with that falcon.  No other fledglings were seen but Durand and Spark no doubt are keeping close watch on all.