Monday, April 10, 2017

Sound Fix Tomorrow (Hopefully!)

All is going well in the nest and the count remains at 4 eggs.  This week Columbus should see some warm temps and sunny days. In conditions like this the nest ledge will be very warm and so sometimes the adult falcon will actually shade the eggs to keep them from overheating--so don't be alarmed if you tune in and see a falcon standing over the eggs instead of in the typical incubation position.

Viewers might also see the incubating adult panting when the sun is shining directly into the nest box.  This is normal and how the falcon cools itself in the heat.

The eggs hatch in about 33 days.  Counting from the 3rd egg (which is usually when true incubation begins) would mean an expected hatch on or about May 1.
Now that incubation is in full swing we will attempt to install replacement equipment that will hopefully give us audio again.  Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Apr 11) our crew will be working on that so it is possible that the camera streams will be down temporarily.  Planning this work early in the week will give us some time and flexibility to further troubleshoot any issues that arise with these adjustments.  All of the work will be done inside the building with the computer and other equipment so the falcons will not be disturbed in any way. 
Hopefully, fans are getting better at telling the male from the female.  Here's a quiz - which falcon is this?