Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4 weeks

The chicks are 1 month old this week and all continues to go well.  The front of the nestcam has been hit again with feces obscuring the view of inside of the nestbox:
At this stage in the nesting cycle the chicks are too mobile for us to access the ledge to clean it, so unfortunately, we'll have to leave it as-is.  Speaking of mobility - the chicks are spending more and more time out of the nestbox exploring their ledge:
One chick even made it to the upper ledge yesterday!!!  This milestone was reached this year about a week earlier than average.
If you check in and don't see them, don't panic.  There is a lot of ledge space out of camera view for them to explore.  Here is a photo of the rest of the ledge taken looking the other way from the nestbox.  There is a nice distance for them to explore: