Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where are the eggs?

Well, I'm sure everyone is wondering like I am why hasn't Scout laid an egg yet? I have no good answer for this question other than it depends completely on her hormone levels and she'll lay the first egg when it's time! In the meantime, don't worry that she has a nest started somewhere else. While we can't guarantee 100% that she'll nest at the Rhodes State Office Tower, the peregrines are fairly predictable. No other place in downtown Columbus provides the same ammenities as the nest box on the Rhodes Tower does. And with the amount of time the birds are spending right at the nest ledge and inside the nest box it is very, very probable that this is their chosen location. The "drama" is definitely keeping everyone in suspense though! One further note: Orville is taking care of his part of deal... ;-) (thanks to Mary Anne and Mary K. for saving and sharing this photo of the two mating)

As all are aware the nestbox streaming video has been down today. Unfortunately, the problem is with an outside partner and beyond the control of the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Our folks are working with the other organization to get the issue corrected just as fast as possible. We sincerely regret the inconvenience. Please know that many staffers within the Division are big fans also and we are anxiously waiting and watching and disappointed when part of the view is not available the same as everyone out there is!