Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1st chick looks good

So far everything looks good at the nest. Scout has been doing a really great job brooding the chick while continuing to incubate the remaining eggs. (The bad part about her doing such a good job is we haven't had much opportunity to see the chick!) She has also brought in food but hasn't fed the chick yet, even with going through the motions. At one point I watched her bring in a plucked bird and vocalize to the chick which stimulated the chick to sit up and open its mouth. The only problem is Scout never leaned over close enough to the chick to actually feed it! (I saved a couple of video clips but am having trouble getting them to post...I'll share the link as soon as they are available.)

While this lack of feeding might concern some, keep in mind that even after hatching a chick has the remains of the yolk sac within its body to continue to nourish it for at least a day or two. Scout's lack of finesse with feeding could be due to her still being in incubation mode or simply a lack of experience. In either case, we can expect her to "step up" and "get it right" at any time!

Also, we apologize for the ledgecam video still being down. As you would expect (since it hasn't been fixed yet) the problem is beyond the control of the Division of Wildlife. The still photos of the ledge area are working and refreshing every 15 seconds.