Monday, May 12, 2008

Looks like a pip!

Just after 1 p.m. watchers noticed what looked like a pip in one of the eggs. This is the initial hole a chick makes in the egg as it begins its long process to hatch out. Shortly after this peek, Scout brought a prey item into the box. This is an example of how the behavior of the adults changes as the nest progresses. A hopeful assumption would be that the adults are aware that hatching is near (they can feel vibrations and hear noises from the eggs) and so their instincts adjust to the next step, i.e., feeding. Just a bit premature on Scout's part but nonetheless a very encouraging sign!

If there is indeed a pip, when can we expect hatch? As I write this Scout is asleep and tight on the eggs so we have to assume all is quiet under her again for now. It can take several hours for the chick to work its way out with a lot of rests in between attempts at progress. Optimistically I would like to say we'd have a chick yet today but it's more realistic for it to happen overnight or even tomorrow.

Thanks to Andrea from Akron for sending the photo. If the hatching process cooperates we hope to snag video of hatching and will post it! It all depends on the timing of hatch and if Scout lets us see!